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Robo Fish Aquarium Playset

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Robo Fish Aquarium Playset
Looking after pet fish is tough, between cleaning it, feeding it, and all those other chores your kids rescinded when they got bored of it. None of those are a problem any longer, though, with the Robo Fish Aquarium Playset!


Who is it for? Neglectful kids who love pets.

What are the benefits? It does pretty much what it says on the tin: the Robo Fish is a mechanical alternative to a real fish (so there's some extra novelty value), that acts just like its bonafide breathren. Just put it in water and it starts swimming around, running on an internal battery and never making you feel guilty for not changing the water filter.

What’s so awesome about it? The perfect pet!

Technical requirements? Batteries (included).

Suggested age: 3+
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Robo Fish Aquarium Playset
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