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Today's world is full of exciting technology to help families' daily lives and provide opportunities for children's future. But how do you find out what's suitable, safe or educational?

At parents can ask questions about the technology their children are using, reply to others with answers, and get great advice from like minded parents and our knowledgeable experts.

How does it work?

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    Do you want to help your kid learn to code, take part in a global GPS treasure hunt or even build a robot?

    Do you want the no-nonsense lowdown on the apps, games and tech that your kids are petitioning you to buy?

    Do you want to stay up to speed with the latest trends and opportunities, and let’s be honest, stay cool and current in the eyes of your children?

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    You can check for answers to help you, or ask your own question for advice.

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    Likeminded parents and qualified professionals add their experience and opinions to ensure you are able to make the right decision

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    Done. Problem solved!

Meet some of our experts

As well as getting answers from parents, has a community of experts who have an academic or professional interest in family life, technology and education whether they be influential professors, creative app developers or teachers.

What parents are saying about

Laura Celada
Kristin Bennett McNeely, Techie Designer Mom, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for existing... I have thought about trying to start a site or a local group about parenting + technology and have been overwhelmed by the people NOT up to date on the technology... too bought into the fears of bad stuff that is blown way out of proportion. THANK YOU

Laura Celada
Robert Hart-Fletcher, Consultant and Developer, GB

I like the clean responsive design, the simple Q&A approach, the upvoting system to drive quality, the experts and the following system. I strongly believe that the future of online education is in the home, not the school institution, and that parents will play an ever greater role, so it's really important to support parents and give them confidence in that role.

Laura Celada
Jill Hodges, Founder of Fire Tech Camp, London, GB

I'd been looking and looking for tech-y parent websites! And now I found it! - two thumbs up - love it!

Laura Celada
Kate Russell, Reviewer for BBC Click, London, GB

For me, has hit the nail on the head with their focus on straight forward conversations around parenting in the digital age. in the press