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Robert Hart-Fletcher

Robert Hart-Fletcher

E-safety GB
I started out as a primary school teacher and then head teacher. I now run KidsOKOnline, with my wife, Carole. We are passionate about creating and helping others create, great Internet experiences for old and young while keeping them safe online. Over the past 25 years, we’ve been looking after over 3 million children online. We created safe, delightful places for kids and young people, including the now retired, and the secure KOKO Community for kids and teens in the care of Barnardo's. We advise others on how to keep kids safe, for example J.K. Rowling's Pottermore site and the excellent IGGY project at the University of Warwick. At KidsAndMedia we were able to help parents to guide their children and teens, to make the most of the latest social technologies. We also love to give kids a voice in the world and run research into what they think, want, need and how they behave online and offline. We want to help kids and teens stay safe in any online community, so we've put all our experience into KOKOkonx, an engine for creating secure online communities and MySafeTXT, a new enterprise-level moderation tool that can plug in to almost any community website and help keep it safe. We also provide training in Moderation and Safeguarding Children for any organisation that runs an online community or social network with kids. Oh, and I'm a proud Dad of three great kids and Grandad of three lovely girls.




Consultant and Developer
  • Leeds University, Bretton Hall Certificate of Education – Primary & Science. *Graduated with Distinction. London University Institute of Education Diploma for Child Development and Educational Psychology *Graduated with Distinction.
Working for:
KidsOKOnline ( )


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Blame is perhaps too emotive a word. Perspective is everything when considering this. Technology is a facility for our communications and creativity ...

What tips do you give kids for staying safe online?

_If you’re going skateboarding, you get dressed up with all the protective gear. So why not get protected when you go online. __Here are ...


Agree with Rebecca's comments. Also, []( is a brilliant resource for all aspects of esafety. ...


FaceBook raises so many questions for parents especially for parents of young people at the FB cusp 'coming of age'. If you use FB yourself it will ...

Does Common Sense Media offer useful advise on talking to kids about movies?

You might take a look at the more Eurocentric []( The film, app, games etc. reviews are from a ...

Does anyone answer the phone anymore?

I'm with Tanya and Anita. I dread the landline! We only get calls selling PPI Insurance claims. I lift the phone, say nothing for a while as the ...


There is a physicality related to reading a real book that you do not get when reading an ebook. I was recently in the audience when Bob Geldof was ...


Personally my main worry isn't about privacy. After watching some demonstrations and reading about the app I figure it will work just like Facebook's ...


Like "Spotted" Facebook pages, high school meme pages or the "Social Interview" app for Facebook, it will likely fade out after a few months. By the ...


Integrating definitely. It has to be both coding and creativity. When I finished my art history degree I decided to do computer science. I struggled ...


I would only use Ipad story times as a treat because I think children need to read and use real paper books; I say 'use' because for little fingers, ...


Bedtime stories should definitely be read from a book. Research has shown the backlit technology has a detrimental effect on sleep. Sleep is so ...


I do read books a lot from the iPad to my kids as I think the interaction level is good BUT not at bedtime due to the light from the iPad as it keeps ...


We read stories from both an iPad and physical books. Something I haven't seen being discussed is the fact that tablets are often seen as play ...


I think regardless of whether the bedtime story comes from a 'real' book or an iPad or similar device, the value comes from the time spent reading to ...


Once upon a time we read books stitched from bamboo sticks... I don't see any of us hauling out rolls of bamboo books! I agree with Chanda, I don't ...


It's a great question and interesting that there seems to be a trend in the "guilty" feeling parents can have when reading bedtime stories using a ...


"If your life were a book, and you were the author, how would you like your story to go?" That's the opening of Amy Purdy's talk, which I found to be ...

Q: What tips do you give kids for staying safe online?

A: _If you’re going skateboarding, you get dressed up with all the protective gear. So why not get protected when you go online. __Here are ...

3 years ago

Q: Does Common Sense Media offer useful advise on talking to kids about movies?

A: You might take a look at the more Eurocentric []( The film, app, games etc. reviews are from a ...

4 years ago

Q: Does anyone answer the phone anymore?

A: I'm with Tanya and Anita. I dread the landline! We only get calls selling PPI Insurance claims. I lift the phone, say nothing for a while as the ...

4 years ago

Q: Should your kids follow their teachers on Twitter?

A: I'd like to explore this from the perspective of the teacher… My first career was teaching in primary schools. It was always fun at the weekends, ...

4 years ago

Q: Should children be taught to touch-type in Primary School?

A: When my kids were at the end of primary school, we paid for them to have touch typing lessons. I thought they'd find it really boring, but they were ...

4 years ago

Q: Should we protect children from terrible stories in the news?

A: Yes, we should, depending on their age. **War and disaster** Children are more frightened by **violence in the news **than in cartoons or films. News ...

4 years ago

Q: Are kids spending too much time online?

A: The time children spend online and connected is increasing. They start their digital adventure very young and it consumes more and more of their time ...

4 years ago

Q: What effects do violent video games have on young minds?

A: For 90% of children there is no adverse effect, but some may become more aggressive and some may slip into addictive behaviour. If your child is ...

4 years ago

Q: Is kids' downloading of music and videos leading them into illegal behaviour?

A: Many children are illegally downloading free music, ringtones or films from illegal sites and, as a result, one in ten have been exposed to offensive ...

4 years ago

Q: How can I start a conversation with my child to find out if they're being cyberbullied?

A: Children often feel humiliated when being bullied and may find it embarrassing to tell their parents. I've always found it's easier to start a ...

4 years ago

Q: How likely is it that a child will come to harm online?

A: We need to take a balanced view of the risks facing children and young people online. Our interpretation of harm may not concord with theirs. Many ...

4 years ago

Q: Are children in care at higher risk online?

A: There is evidence that children in care in children’s homes or foster care are more likely to engage in high-risk activity. They are much more likely ...

4 years ago

Q: Are games addictive?

A: Playing video and online games can be a hugely rewarding experience for children and teens. They can learn a great deal about strategy, logic, ...

4 years ago

Q: How can you check your child’s online activity?

A: The secret is to establish when your child first goes online, that Internet browsing is a family activity – something you do together in the living ...

4 years ago

Q: At what age is it safe to let a child have a computer in their own room?

A: Great responses from Richard and Michelle. One tip I learned recently, to control of late night surfing is - Switch off your router at bedtime!

4 years ago

Q: Is our children's consumption of online media affecting their sexual maturity?

A: Let's look at the enormous challenges that parents now face, and consider what they know of the dangers of online media and their knowledge of their ...

4 years ago

Q: Are kids generally lying about their age to get into social sites?

A: By the age of 11, most children are lying about their age to get into un-moderated adult social sites, often at the suggestion of parents. Here's ...

4 years ago

Q: Are kids safe to use Instagram given its social elements?

A: The popularity of the app comes with a downside, as[The Huffington ...

4 years ago

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