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Q: What can Lego robots teach kids?

A: As if it wasn’t impressive enough to build and program a functioning android – with the help of Lego Mindstorms – the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) gets ...

4 years ago

Q: Empty lecture halls: Are MOOCs the future?

A: MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Class. Four-year colleges (which often take longer and cost a fortune) may yet be challenged by ‘disruptive’ ...

4 years ago

Q: Will our kids all have self-drive cars?

A: That’s the future we’re heading towards right now – in fact it might happen sooner rather than later. ‘There have been so many developments in ...

4 years ago

Q: Is the high school newspaper dead?

A: Nope, far from it! Some of you may even remember using [galleys and hot wax]( to create ...

4 years ago

Q: What will toys be like in 2022?

A: It is a much repeated joke within the [toy industry]( that kids would often rather play with the ...

4 years ago

Q: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the healthiest of them all?

A: A famous Evil Queen once communed with her looking glass for reassurance, but now, science has gone way past fairy tales. ‘Smart mirrors’ combine ...

4 years ago

Q: Exergames: fitness or fantasy?

A: Which do you prefer - zombies hunched over consoles or laughing children dancing, running, playing games, and karate chopping to run off the ...

4 years ago

Q: Does your tech budget squeeze out all other fun?

A: By Star Lawrence Yes, in short. The quaintly named ‘phone bill’ may even tempt you to put off a doctor bill or the rent, according to one collection ...

4 years ago

Q: Is it safe to buy kids’ glasses online?

A: Well, regardless of whether or not it’s safe, it’s not actually legal to buy children’s lenses online in the UK – although frames are okay – and for ...

4 years ago

Q: Do educational toys really prepare children for school?

A: Of course toy makers want you to think that. But considering how much time adults spend messing about on their ...

4 years ago

Q: Can tech get teens out of bed earlier?

A: If you consider opening the blinds on the poor kids ‘technology’, the answer is [yes](, technology can get teenagers out of ...

4 years ago

Q: Will Chinese social networks take over from Facebook?

A: Just as Facebook would love to break into the [Chinese market](, China’s growing internet giants are ...

4 years ago

Q: Should you go into business with your kid?

A: Unless your enterprising tot was born holding a fat checkbook and a lawyer’s hand (ouch), you may have to be part of any business they start. Even ...

4 years ago

Q: How can kids download music legally?

A: While the temptation will always be there for teens to bit torrent their way to a music collection, there are plenty of legal methods to teach ...

4 years ago

Q: Would bitcoins be a good move for the family budget?

A: If you are Stephen Hawking-clever and have banks of computers, then [‘bitcoins’]( are for you. This mind-bending person-to-person ...

4 years ago

Q: Is mixed reality gaming the future of play?

A: Between the XBox Kinect and [Sony’s EyeToy](, it looks like Mario and ...

4 years ago

Q: Is iDosing a real craze or real crazy?

A: Most parents are familiar with the sssh-sssh sound seeping out from the headphones of their offspring. But there could be more to it, namely ...

4 years ago

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