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Melike Ergüven

Melike Ergüven

Technology Bergisch Gladbach, DE
Established a web portal ( designed as a Kids Mobile Apps Guide for turkish speaking families all over the world. Design, customizing, social media marketing, content development and establishing new contacts are accomplished during the time when I was working as a stay-at-home mom. Localization of 3 kids applications are done up to now.




Parent,Blogger,IT ProjectManager
  • IT Project Manager
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  • GIS Expert
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Onlineanne ( )


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Kids love iPads and iPhones, probably even more than adults. They can be a great way to keep children entertained and the perfect tool to make ...

What are the best online games to learn programming for children aged 6 to 9?

I have found some apps that we can use with my kid. The apps we like to play in our ipad/android tablets are: kodable, cato's hike, codea, cargo-bot, ...


Yes, Snapchat is (ostensibly) temporary. However, in all things technical, there may be a residual database somewhere. That aside, non-technical ...


I think that the most important aspect of this behavior is her complete lack of awareness that her behavior is dangerous. I think it's important to ...


You're daughter needs to be made aware that you find this behaviour unacceptable, and that it could potentially be really dangerous. Unfortunately ...


Well this is a subject very close to my heart as an avid gamer for over thirty three years I have scene this genre of game develop through the ages. ...


Should we use parent control apps or choose to trust our kids?


_If you’re going skateboarding, you get dressed up with all the protective gear. So why not get protected when you go online. __Here are ...


Although technology brings new ways of learning there are various bits of research that indicate; 1. Students may remember less when they instantly ...


Studies show different answers to this question. However, children need to develop a full range of skills including the use of technology. Technology ...

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