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Helen Neale

Helen Neale

Saffron Walden, GB
Manic mother of two, and small business website owner. Finalist in MAD parent blog awards, and one of MumsClub Top 100 UK business women. Diet coke addict too.




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Bribery and positive reinforcement are two sides of the same coin. The difference is that with positive reinforcement the aim is to help children ...

What is hands-free parenting and should we aim for it?

I am so there with this one - I am terrible at putting all my tech distractions down with the kids, its so hard when you are trying to keep the ...


Do you bribe your kids?

Do reward charts help improve behaviour in five to 11-year-olds?

Hi Holly! Hope all is well. I am, of course, biased as I have my own reward chart products on [my site](; however, I ...


This might seem a little rude but I’m going to answer that question with a question: Does it matter? Some kids are happy spending time alone playing ...


At the risk of sounding flippant, I would say at what age could you possibly prevent children from being introduced to technology? We have fertility ...

Why do children blush when they lie?

Don't knock it - it helps no end when they tell you they have "washed their hands" and blatantly they haven't! Sadly its something they are likely to ...

What is your biggest fear around your child's online behaviour?

The fact that they are so much more savvy than I expect them to be - had to add security to Google the other day because my daughter got on there, ...

Toy Story 3 made me cry my eyes out, should I show it to my four-year-old niece?

Hi there. We showed this to my kids when they were a similar age, the younger one didn't like that bit at all - he was about 4, but the older one was ...

All my kids want to do is play computer games, what can I do?

Take them out and give them other fun activities to do; limit the screen time and remove privileges if they are not being sensible.

What's the point of my reputation points?

Quibly's a community of parents, and while we can see your bio and who you are, members also want to know how much you do in the community. Your reputation score on Quibly is your street cred, it's what you can use to see how important someone is to your fellow parents on Quibly.

How you can build a rep on quibly?

Let's get this clear - having a Quibly reputation is a good thing. We give you points for all the amazing things you do. Questions, Answers, Upvotes, and all those other little things you all do to make Quibly awesome are all taken into account.

Careful though your score depends on how often you help other parents out, so keep an eye out for any questions you can give good answers to and don't forget to upvote anyone else's excellent answers.

So, how we assign reputation points you ask? Simple, at the end of each day, we look at your activity and do some basic math to come up with your total score. Here is how the point system works:

  • 10 pts for every question you ask (we want you to start conversations)
  • 10 pts for every new follower to your question (and we reward good questions!)
  • 10 pts for each of your answers (we want to know your opinion)
  • 20 pts for each up vote to your answer (up votes keep good quality answers on top)
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