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Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright

E-safety Paisley, GB
19 year old e-safety enthusiast. I'm not sure how to describe myself, but I'm sure if need be this shall be updated in due time. I'm a Director at Nous Education Ltd, a company which I co-founded in 2012. I'm currently working on some exciting new projects due for release soon. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to find out more!




Director at Nous Education
  • HNC Computing
  • BSc Information Technology (2015)
Working for:
Nous Education ( )


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Yes. I think all mums and dads should make other parents aware of what their policies are regarding internet access and, in particular, the playing ...


Hi :) I'm 19 years old and went through a phase of tumblr a couple of years ago. It's a brilliant site for finding things you are interested in and ...


Well here's a method of sex education that would have been super effective when I was at school (or at least would've made everyone less giggly ...


_If you’re going skateboarding, you get dressed up with all the protective gear. So why not get protected when you go online. __Here are ...


Another site that is very similar is This is one not a lot of parents know about but plenty of kids do. Same question and answer type format ...


A few months ago most parents would have been completely unaware of, the social network that has become exceedingly popular with teenagers ...


It's a good start. Unfortunately not every teenager (or their parents) are fully versed in sensible security settings, so the more help the better. I ...


I find it really interesting that the part of the Facebook change that's been highlighted is that posts will now default to "friends" rather than ...


When Facebook announced last week that it was to relax the rules around teenage privacy settings, parts of the media went into overdrive with scare ...


Next month will see schools and other children’s organisations across the UK celebrate the ninth annual National Anti-Bullying Week, with a ...


Make your son responsible for his homework. If he does not do it, then let him face the consequences in school. He is 13 and is ready to take ...


I don't snoop since it would be a breech of trust and respect between parent and Teen/Tween. When they were younger, I did however look at profiles ...


Yes we do, in the same way as we children about "strangers' offline. Matt is right to point out that the alarmist type media reporting often uses ...


Get Safe Online Week is later this month, promoting safer use of the internet amongst children. I wonder why this is deemed necessary when parents ...


In terms of features, there is nothing that a blackberry has that an iPhone doesn't. The great selling point that BB used to have is the BBM ...


Nope, it's a cheaper entry into iPhone ownership, but its lower specs mean it will be obsolete faster thus meaning upgrades will be required more ...


Getting your family all in one place can be hard. Or at least it was before a little thing called the internet came along. Unless you want to share ...


Yes I do! I started receiving them a while ago for myself and like you spotted the kid's boxes so we've tried them out. Now we receive one every two ...

Q: What's the origin of the word 'trolling'?

A: Instead of summarising, I hope that [this]( helps you find out what you need to know about ...

3 years ago

Q: A quarter of Facebook users say ads ruin the experience, what do you think?

A: Although Facebook is effective, Advertising and "Forced Sharing" are a nightmare. I login to the social network, on my news feed I see about 8 ...

3 years ago

Q: Is it worth paying for premium Spotify?

A: I've been using Spotify since early 2010 and upgraded a few months later, I have it on my phone and it's magnificent! I have a large internet ...

3 years ago

Q: Is Instagram ok for my 11 year old daughter?

A: Like everything else on the internet, Instagram contains content that any parent probably wouldn't want their kid to see. Although you may outright ...

3 years ago

Q: Summly, then Tumblr, now Hulu - what should Yahoo! buy next?

A: It'd be interesting to see them through a bid at Facebook. As unlikely as it is to happen I'd be interested to find out how it would make a ...

3 years ago

Q: Does Siri keep a record of what you ask it?

A: Yes! Apple can store recordings for up to 2 years according to [Wired](

4 years ago

Q: What did you used to believe as a child that you no longer believe?

A: I was always told if I ate my sandwich crusts I'd get curly hair. I never did eat them and I ended up with an afro of some sort. - ...

4 years ago

Q: Is Whatsapp suitable for an 11-year-old?

A: I use it on a very rare basis as an alternative to sending picture messages as they're pretty costly. From what I understand it's just an alternative ...

4 years ago

Q: What does Facebook Home mean for your teenager's privacy?

A: Personally my main worry isn't about privacy. After watching some demonstrations and reading about the app I figure it will work just like Facebook's ...

4 years ago

Q: How can I stop my child hiding or deleting his internet history? Is it stored somewhere unremovable?

A: Checkout K9 web protection, it logs everything. You can also block certain sites or categories, any attempts to visit these are also logged.

4 years ago

Q: Facebook confession pages: Should we be alarmed?

A: Like "Spotted" Facebook pages, high school meme pages or the "Social Interview" app for Facebook, it will likely fade out after a few months. By the ...

4 years ago

Q: Does anyone know of a meme website suitable for kids?

A: I am unaware of any meme generators that don't add watermarks or links to their images. The only thing I could suggest is you ask somebody who uses ...

4 years ago

Q: Do teenagers care about their privacy on Facebook?

A: Given that the majority of my friends on Facebook are teenagers (I'm 18), Very few people seem to be cautious about their online privacy. I notice ...

4 years ago

Q: Should children be taught to touch-type in Primary School?

A: I'd say that I was taught to touch type properly as part of a computing class at the start of secondary school however I found it more of burden than ...

4 years ago

Q: How can I teach my child electronics with an Arduino kit?

A: I'm the kind of person that looks around the internet just to see what I can find and what interests me. I don't look for anything in particular but ...

4 years ago

Q: Should you ‘friend’ your teen on Facebook?

A: It's strange to read some of the answers here knowing that I am on opposite end of the spectrum. I reckon if I can share a little insight to my own ...

4 years ago

Q: Isn’t fraping just harmless fun?

A: Personally I believe it **should be **a harmless bit of fun, unfortunately that's not always the case. Everybody is likely to pull a prank on their ...

4 years ago

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