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January Jones

January Jones

London, GB
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Not a tiger mother


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Child beauty pageants are disgusting, creepy, exploitative and gross. Rather than see pageants specifically outlawed, I'd prefer to see laws against ...


Im no expert but i think that Phonological awareness is understanding the organisation of sounds in language. Understanding a child's phonological ...


What is phonological awareness?


'Oh how I love that you've left paper, toys and books all over the kitchen and living room again today'


I agree with all of the above having lived through my daughter's pink princess stage (now thankfully out grown). But I find what affects my kids more ...


Without compare, Danny The Champion of the World. I loved Danny's father and I will never think of raisins in the same way!!!


I’m all for online campaigning, it is a powerful thing, raising awareness of issues which may have profound impact on societies in ...

What would you add to 'Said No Parent Ever'?

I hate bedtime.


It all depends on what you mean by "satisfying", "career" and "attentive"! If by satisfying career you mean well-paid and high-flying, the chances ...


I would suggest alertness medication. Caffeine, possibly even amphetamines should you know where to get them. Then work all night when the kids are ...


I think the odd one is probably ok, but I wouldn't want my kids to have it as a main or regular drink. My 8 year old has just started to have the odd ...


Sleep consultants are certified professionals in the area of pediatric sleep. As a sleep consultant myself, I have been certified by the Sleep Sense ...


Should tweenagers avoid caffeine in drinks?


One answer would be "other search engines are available", but yes, the reach of google is impressive even if your email is not actually GMAIL, many ...


Ah, a discourse about morality! The new sociology of childhood (different departure to Developmental approaches) view children as active social ...


Are there any interesting programs for foreign language learning over the internet?

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