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Hey there – We created because we want children to enjoy the best that this connected world has to offer, without getting into trouble. As we all know, technology is evolving at an exponential rate and it is rapidly changing the way children learn, play & socialize. Our role as parents, guardians, and teachers is to guide them through it and help them become happy and well-balanced adults. So, we need to get involved, we need to understand how their (our) world is changing and what we can do to help them make sense of it. We hope that can become a place where we can have interesting and inspiring conversation about the future of our children.




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Of course not. I think an early 2 year old is a little young to use it alone, but sitting her on your lap like you've been doing is a good thing. I ...


I still rate the stuff I read at that age - Robert Swindells' "Brother in the Land" is aimed at a YA audience and stills stands as one of my ...


Received some great suggestions on Twitter: Rainbow Rowell, Lucy Christopher, Natasha Ngan, Carmen Reid and Lynn Weingarten.


We've used the 'charging station' concept before which is great and also use []( app so we can set ...


At 14 I feel you need to start to build trust on social networks with children. Of course each child is different, and if your child is in crisis or ...

How to monitor my son's Facebook account without his knowing?

There are a few ways that you can monitor your child's facebook account, but most of them require that you have your child login name and password. ...


You will not be able to play US-based servers without significant lag.


I agree wholeheartedly with Robert's concerns. I recently wrote on another post that today's young people are a dangerous mix of technically ...


The popularity of the app comes with a downside, as[The Huffington ...


I guess yes if a school is equipped with proper tech, and if a subject has the stuff that can be done on a computer. As a child, I knew the ...


To follow on from Colin's point, many schools are increasingly setting homework through digital platforms such as ...


Minecraft is a sandbox game where you have to collect (or mine) different materials in order to build certain items. A bit like lego but with the ...


It is useful to me to be able to read the opinions of experts who can also be _verified_ as experts.Certainly anonymity has its place, particularly ...


I don't know of any. However, this isn't to say that none are worthy. While there, of course, some apps that promise completely unfounded results, ...


When I read a book, I tend to see images in my mind. It's like watching a movie rather than seeing characters on a page. Similarly, if I read more ...


I agree with Emma. Not only are you happy to return to your job, but lots of parents are better parents when they have a life outside their child. ...


Of course you're not a bad mother. This is one of many situations (and probably not the first!) that other people will think they know better about ...


Access to a tablet means little. How you use that tablet is. Scenaro: A family is starting to teach the new baby to speak. For every spoken word the ...

Owlet is an infant health tracker that was just launched at CES. Would you buy it? If yes, why? if not, why not?

3 years ago | 0

Facebook users between the ages of 13 and 17 will automatically post photos and status updates to friends only. Is this a good idea?

3 years ago | 3

Will the requirement of Google Plus login to comment on youtube videos create a better and safer Youtube experience?

3 years ago | 2

What's the educational value of Sesame street?

3 years ago | 2

What do you think of Snapkidz, Snapchat feature for kids under 13? Will you let you kids use it?

3 years ago | 2

UK ISPs will enact auto-filtering of adult content by the end of 2013. Do you agree on this govt mandate?

3 years ago | 4

How do you pick up a toy for a 2 years old child?

3 years ago | 1

Can anyone recommend a good digital microscope?

3 years ago | 1

What should a parent be in the look out for to know whether his child is exhibiting bullying behaviour online?

4 years ago | 1

Is anyone using PayPal as a means of accepting tuition payment for your school?

4 years ago | 1

At what age it is appropriate to give a child pocket money?

4 years ago | 1

What are some great fairy tales and why do you like them?

4 years ago | 2

What would you do if you found out that your child is a bully?

4 years ago | 1

Which TED talks are a 'must watch' for inspiring our kids to explore their potential and follow their passion?

4 years ago | 12

What makes a good teacher?

4 years ago | 5

Does exposure to media at a very early age (younger than 2) have any impact (+ve or -ve) on the neurological development of the child?

4 years ago | 0

What are slang words teens use today in chat/web and what do they mean?

4 years ago | 2

Do kids get why the opening sequence of UP is so sad?

4 years ago | 3

Q: How to monitor my son's Facebook account without his knowing?

A: There are a few ways that you can monitor your child's facebook account, but most of them require that you have your child login name and password. ...

3 years ago

Q: What is our real choice: to go for a walk with the child or let him or her to play computer games or to watch TV in our free time?

A: Why should these activities be mutually exclusive? When I was a kid my mother used to tell me that there is a time and a place for everything. There ...

3 years ago

Q: Can videogames boost my child’s education?

A: A recent study from the [Journal of Molecular Psychology ]( that adults ...

3 years ago

Q: Skype to remove chat function - what are the alternatives?

A: There are many other options, better than Skype out there...especially when it comes down to video+chat bundle. From a purely char standpoint, i'd ...

3 years ago

Q: Is an iPhone 5C a better bet for a teenager than a BlackBerry?

A: In terms of features, there is nothing that a blackberry has that an iPhone doesn't. The great selling point that BB used to have is the BBM ...

3 years ago

Q: How does FiLIP keep kids safe?

A: FiLIP is a watch that features two way calling (i.e. it's a phone) and GPS. You'll need to buy two FiLIPs (one per child) and download the FiLIP app ...

3 years ago

Q: Which are the best free emails for children aged 11?

A: I have not come across many email clients/providers that are safe for kids and also free (there are quote a few that are safe but are NOT free.) ...

3 years ago

Q: What is the difference between Skype and ooVoo?

A: As holly says, they are fundamentally very similar with a few differences: - With Skype, users can call/text/video chat with other Skype users, but ...

3 years ago

Q: Can anyone recommend any software to teach music school-aged children?

A: I just recently came across JoyTunes. I wrote an answer to a similar question ...

3 years ago

Q: Any tips for helping a five-year-old learn to play the piano?

A: You should check out Joy Tunes. They've a set of apps for iPAD that help kids learn to play music. The app "synchs" wirelessly with your piano and ...

3 years ago

Q: Should I allow my son to play with toy guns?

A: When I was a child I was not allowed to play with guns. As a matter of fact, I remember that one time, at carnival, I was the only cowboy with a ...

3 years ago

Q: What do you buy the techy kid who’s moved on from toys to gadgets?

A: First, I don't think that children move from toys to gadgets. These are not mutually exclusive items and I am sure that although gadgets are on the ...

3 years ago

Q: Would you buy a 4Moms Origami stroller?

A: It does look awesome and it seems well worth it: power folding (fully foldable), 4 wheel drive, iPhone charger, LCD screen (with thermometer, ...

3 years ago

Q: Should child abuse be taught about in schools?

A: Not sure about this initiative. I think it is critically important that children that have been or are being abused know that there are people out ...

3 years ago

Q: Are there any Social Networking sites that are safe for my 8yr daughter so she can make friends and meet new people?

A: Take a look at [Skooville]( It is a social network for under 13 whose goal is, among other things, to help ...

3 years ago

Q: Should mental health be taught in schools?

A: It certainly should. Moreover, when we think about mental health, we immediately think about abnormal psychological conditions that may affect us. In ...

3 years ago

Q: Are there any useful devices or apps that can help when a child goes missing?

A: **edited** Guess what? there is an app for that :) [Lost Kidz]( is a personal Amber Alert system that sends alert out to ...

3 years ago

Q: Why don't teachers integrate technology in their classes? What are the major factors preventing them to use technology in teaching?

A: Elaine raises a good point, although I'd argue that a teacher does not need to have any tech background in order to leverage technology to enhance ...

3 years ago

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