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Erin Mears

Erin Mears

New York, US
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Mom of 2, part-time writer


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I have not come across many email clients/providers that are safe for kids and also free (there are quote a few that are safe but are NOT free.) ...


By that age I believe they can have their own email address but you have to ensure that some rules must be followed. Some of the rules I would do as ...


How does FiLIP keep kids safe?


You know that cortisol explosion that occurs every time your kids bicker? Or the diplomatic skills required to unpick a playground feud with your ...


I have a Raspberry Pi and a lot will depend on what kit comes with it. I bought a case for my Pi from Ebay for £5 and then I bought a small wireless ...


The 'Flirting guide' is badly written and gives misleading advice that it may be ok to flirt with strangers that 'you've got to know' first. It also ...


Dressed properly, there's no reason for children not to be in nature, even in the winter, except in bitter temps. Remember, "nature" can be as simple ...


It's great for children to get an introduction to work experience via their parents if possible, but for it to be more realistic, parents should ...


Have you used F.lux? What do you think of it?


Any tips for helping a five-year-old learn to play the piano?


I thought that adults always knew the right answer. Now as an adult I realise that I don't.

Are there any good websites or apps to help kids with English grammar?

Check out [NoRedInk](, a fun grammar puzzle web app, created by a high school English teacher. The questions are mostly related ...


A Kindle would make material more accessible and, certainly, is invaluable for getting information on an unknown word or phrase instantly. However, ...


I speak on Motivating Reluctant Readers across the Nation. Go and check out my 1 hour webinar on my LinkedIn page ...


I would agree about Scratch. However, I would also emphasise the importance of experiences with a variety of languages. By doing this, you introduce ...

Which programming language is the most useful first step for kids?

Yes, I do have a Windows. Kodu looks very interesting. Will download it. Thank you Mr. McCormick.


[Scratch]( is definitely seen as one of the best first steps! It's in-browser now, and on their home page you can get the ...


I completely agree! Its amazing what apps are out there for kids to help them learn, that said, there are plenty of non-tech related ways too - ...

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