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Elliot Harris

Elliot Harris

London, GB
My earliest memory of being creative was when my Mum allowed me and my brother to name her new Hairdressing salon. We spent weeks drawing logo's coming up with ideas. We called it Max Headroom after our favourite TV show. Mum approved our name and 'my' logo and I still think it's one of the best things I've ever done. I moved to London when I was 18 with no job, no money and no qualifications to show from a college or university, but a natural flair for creating visuals, graphics, photography and film. I (luckily) got a job working for D&AD; for a few years as an awards co-ordinator. That was my apprenticeship. 10 years later, I've married, had 5 beautiful daughters, and try to live a balanced life of love and laughter next to the sea. Specialties: Art Direction / Film / Animation / Graphics / Fatherhood.




Creative director


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Tagging our children in any way is synonymous with parenting in fear. Children cannot grow when parented in fear...and they too will grow up to lead ...


My immediate reaction is that its not OK and raises a huge range of ethical concerns. I have two children and would never have considered inserting a ...


Can anyone tell me how a microchip relieves worrying? Just because you know where they are doesn't mean that you don't worry that someone doesn't ...


I'm with Simon and Matt. Like all parents I worry all the time plus torture myself by reading the fear inducing articles in the Daily Mail about ...


We have lost our children in one way or another over the years, and with 4 it is very hard (when alone) to keep an eye on them at all times. Most ...


Of course I would. We chip our pets and our phones to stop them getting stolen. Our kids are the most precious thing in the world to us. Why the hell ...


Personally, I would love to have some sort of locator gps tag, and ideally some sort of unique identifier device that is linked to who I am (my ...


I'm with Matt. Younger kids should be able to experience being lost a bit without us sweeping in in seconds, they should be able to take risks, they ...


I worry. You worry. Every parent worries. It's a state of being, and it never stops. It'd be lovely to end one of those worries once and for all, but ...

Will there come a time when its acceptable for parents to Microchip their kids?

I agree Holly, it's not without it's downsides but for me the security of having the option outweighs the fringe looney's. My wife is now looking ...

Will there come a time when its acceptable for parents to Microchip their kids?

Sorry Anthony, I missed the topic first time round. Interesting to hear your personal account too, seems your early adopting dad with his mobile ...


I'm a worrier and I do see some of the bad in this (I worry about it being misused) but all said and done, I would probably do it. Maybe. I hold my ...


I asked a question on here a while back about Geo Tagging children and didn't get much of a response. I kind of get the impression I'm in the ...


Will there come a time when its acceptable for parents to Microchip their kids?


Absolutely! We don't have a TV in our family rooms (just one in our bedroom) so the kids watch virtually no TV (it comes out at Christmas for a ...

Would a text-less web be easier for kids to use?

_[Wordless Web ]( a simple browser bookmarklet that removes all text from any website with just one click, more of an ...


The popularity of the app comes with a downside, as[The Huffington ...

How do you as a parent control your daughter catfishing on Facebook?

I recently watched the Catfish movie with my 13 year old daughter, I think there was enough in there for her to appreciate these things rarely have a ...

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