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Chanda Gohrani

Chanda Gohrani

London, GB
I am's social media manager which means I get paid to hang out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all day (which is actually a lot of hard work, honestly!). I have had too many internet-is-crazy-awesome-moments to count. Recently, I finally managed to make my mum love technology too, but I wish had been around to make that job easier. When I am not working, I am either planning my next holiday or exploring London town on foot.




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Did anyone suggest John Green (especially the Fault in our Stars) and Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... ...


The questions is NOT " Should students change their online image when they apply for college?" because once material is out there, it is very ...


I have been following this with interest as I wanted to see whether the market can support a fourth main stream console. I have purchased most of ...


Snapchat is the first of many apps that purport to send temporary messages including photo and video messages. Snapchat is by far the most used right ...


When Prime Minister David Cameron announced his children were


At 14 I feel you need to start to build trust on social networks with children. Of course each child is different, and if your child is in crisis or ...


There are a few ways that you can monitor your child's facebook account, but most of them require that you have your child login name and password. ...


They've been teasing it for a while , but now it's finally (nearly) here: ...


What is Animin?


Think that Doctor Who is just a revisited and reimagined show from the 60s with a mad man in a blue box? Well, yes, it is all of that, but more ...


Ten things that Doctor Who can teach our kids


Can we cook our way out of the obesity crisis?


We know. It s got an R in it. But do your kids? These games, apps and actual games, will get them on the right side of ...


Kids' words won't go wong with these top 12 games


When do we need to teach our kids about cybercrime?


How to build a Raspberry Pi tablet?


What is the role of age classification in a digital world?


It is useful to me to be able to read the opinions of experts who can also be _verified_ as experts.Certainly anonymity has its place, particularly ...

Q: What the heck is a selfie?

A: What could have beaten twerking and Bitcoins from being the Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year. What else but[ ...

3 years ago

Q: What do you do with your child's artwork?

A: You sound exactly like my sister who is always complaining (but also feels proud) of the paintings made by my niece. She used to keep them in pizza ...

3 years ago

Q: Are there any apps to help parents how to tell spooky stories?

A: Oh I love Halloween and of course there’s a whole host of apps and tech to help. [**Haunted house**](, suitable ...

3 years ago

Q: Any good ideas for creative digital Christmas presents?

A: Why yes! There are some very good options available. My favourites are [ArtKive]( and awwstamp. I think Artkive is ...

3 years ago

Q: What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?

A: 'There are few things that you cannot control and you should stop worrying about them.' I tend to be a control freak and used to get very upset when ...

3 years ago

Q: Is anyone interested in a live debate or panel on reading?

A: Let's do a Twitter chat this Friday? All quibly members are invited to participate. Our Twitter handle is @quibly. I will share the other details ...

3 years ago

Q: Has anyone watched the Fox?

A: Oh God, I had not, until I read this question. I actually liked it and it's playing in my head now. Although I won't be surprised if people call it ...

3 years ago

Q: Should I allow my nine year old on Facebook?

A: No, it's not okay for a nine year old to be on Facebook. The minimum age to join Facebook is 13. There are a lot of other social networks for under ...

3 years ago

Q: Which are your favourite Roald Dahl books?

A: Charlie and the chocolate factory - it's one of the first books that I read when I started reading and everything in it was like dream come true. ...

3 years ago

Q: What effect do the images of 9/11 have on today's children?

A: Like Tom, I won't be able to tell it from the children's point, as I don't have any. But I would imagine kids living in New York may have a little ...

3 years ago

Q: What would you add to 'Said No Parent Ever'?

A: This parenting thing? So easy!

3 years ago

Q: Are there any Social Networking sites that are safe for my 8yr daughter so she can make friends and meet new people?

A: I agree with Francesco. Skooville is a great resource. We have discussed safe social networks for kids under 13 [**in this ...

3 years ago

Q: Have you ever 'doctored' your family photos?

A: I do that. I always retouch them before uploading on Facebook. Mostly via my iPhotos on MAC. Sometimes, it's just a little bit of enhancement but no ...

3 years ago

Q: My 10-year-old wants to sell handmade products over eBay, is this a good idea?

A: I think it's a great idea. It not only encourages the creativity in your kid, but sharpens his/her business acumen too. I think you should give ...

3 years ago

Q: How has technology enhanced your family life?

A: I have a big list but few of the things that have really made an impact on us are: Technology has made the distances small. Keeping in touch with my ...

3 years ago

Q: Do you expect your kids to live with you when they're adults?

A: It's funny, the part of the world I come from, parents can't imagine that kids won't be living with them when they are adults. While the times are ...

3 years ago

Q: Will Tumblr change now it's owned by Yahoo?

A: Although they did promise [not to screw it up]( and will ...

3 years ago

Q: How can one go about writing and publishing an e-book?

A: [Scrivener]( is a great tool for exactly that! It not only helps you give a solid structure to your ...

3 years ago

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