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Caramel Quin

Caramel Quin

London, GB
I'm an award-winning technology journalist. I test all manner of gadgets and opine on tech generally, mostly for national newspapers. I now have two junior product testers in the house, whose speciality appears to be destruction testing. Gadget manufacturers beware!




Technology journalist & mum of two


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Everyone knows being out in nature is a good thing for kids. But it's increasingly rare. A three-year study from the RSPB has found a mere one in ...


No, no and hell no. 1. Cliff's idea that Grand Theft Auto V is somehow for the kids is idiotic - it's an 18-rated game. Even if it ends up in the ...

Is breastfeeding really that much healthier than formula?

If we can insert a 1.5 "Get access to as much good quality, local, hands-on support as you want to support your choice, because breastfeeding isn't ...


No. Among the mess of evidence and studies on childhood obesity, there's little to link playing videogames with obese kids. Some studies even point ...

Is breastfeeding really that much healthier than formula?

Thanks Robert, although I direct you to paragraph 2 of my answer: research has shown formula feeding doubles the risk of SIDS compared with ...


Yes. I need not say more. Oh except to add - for many children in this world breast milk will be the **_only _**decent meal they will get for many ...

Is breastfeeding really that much healthier than formula?

In a word: yes. [UNICEF says]( breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months, and ...

Whose responsibility is your kid’s online privacy?

Many adults don’t change their privacy settings, so how can we expect our children to? Yet online privacy is a valuable weapon against ...

How much screen time is safe for children?

Applying an absolute number to a question of health is always going to be a tricky business. The truth is, it’s not just about the number of ...

Are Makies the future of toys?

Customisable 3D dolls delivered straight to your door? Once they’ve got the okay from the toy safety higher-ups, Makies will be leaving Ken and ...

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