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sarah ryman

sarah ryman

Brighton, GB
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Blogging 4 perfect family moment


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Should child abuse be taught about in schools?

Teaching children of all ages not to accept anything that is happening to them that they don't like or feel uncomfortable with is essential. Schools ...

Which are healthier, packed lunches or school dinners?

Considering the government are happy to classify baked beans as one of your 5 a day and that burger, chips and beans is accepted as a 'balanced' ...

Will there come a time when its acceptable for parents to Microchip their kids?

Of course I would. We chip our pets and our phones to stop them getting stolen. Our kids are the most precious thing in the world to us. Why the hell ...

Is being connected a luxury or a necessity?

Of course it's not a necessity. Come on - get real. Think about the REAL world. Food, shelter, love? Reality is that a small % of the world are ...

Should you let your child free on YouTube?

i think this really depends on their age. A 10 year old's understanding of stumbling upon some content is way different to a 3 year old. Very young ...

Should we protect children from terrible stories in the news?

Without a doubt YES. I think they need to understand the world but there is no need for them to hear about child abuse and violence by over ...

Should you let your child free on YouTube?

Thanks for sharing this. Really useful.

Should you let your child free on YouTube?

Came home to my 7 and 2 year old watching Horrid Henry on YouTube (Dad in kitchen) but they had stumbled up a dubbed version with F**K, S**T and many ...

What's the point of my reputation points?

Quibly's a community of parents, and while we can see your bio and who you are, members also want to know how much you do in the community. Your reputation score on Quibly is your street cred, it's what you can use to see how important someone is to your fellow parents on Quibly.

How you can build a rep on quibly?

Let's get this clear - having a Quibly reputation is a good thing. We give you points for all the amazing things you do. Questions, Answers, Upvotes, and all those other little things you all do to make Quibly awesome are all taken into account.

Careful though your score depends on how often you help other parents out, so keep an eye out for any questions you can give good answers to and don't forget to upvote anyone else's excellent answers.

So, how we assign reputation points you ask? Simple, at the end of each day, we look at your activity and do some basic math to come up with your total score. Here is how the point system works:

  • 10 pts for every question you ask (we want you to start conversations)
  • 10 pts for every new follower to your question (and we reward good questions!)
  • 10 pts for each of your answers (we want to know your opinion)
  • 20 pts for each up vote to your answer (up votes keep good quality answers on top)
  • 40 pts if the person who asked the question up votes your answer
  • 10 pts for every new follower

Got it? So let's get to it.

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