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Can you block gambling games on Xbox?

My 11-year-old has an Xbox 360 and we have set the parental controls so that we need to put in our password (which he does not know) in order to add friends. We have also set it so that he cannot access 15 or 18 games. But I notice he has a poker game in his downloads. I will speak to him about this, of course, but does anyone know how to set the controls to limit the *type* of game as well as the age rating? I could only find space to add games that he could use outside of his content restrictions, not the other way round. Thanks!

Answers: 0 | Asked: 3 years ago


Net Nanny

Who is it for? Concerned parents, especially those with young children just starting out on the web and in need of some training wheels. What are the benefits? On the base level, there's that reassurance: for you, sure, but also for your kids. The controls let you set what they can and can't access online, meaning age-inappropriate sites are blocked and they can't accidentally stumble across them (although if they want to ‘accidentally’ stumble across them themselves, they might not thank you). What they may be less happy about is the email alerts it sends when they try to access blocked sites, or the fact that you can monitor all their social media activity. What’s so awesome about it? It’s a best of breed.

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