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Your kids want to get in touch with Santa? We can help

3 years ago

Stuart Houghton writer
Stuart Houghton Freelance writer and IT nerd London, UK

You may have missed the 6 December deadline for the Royal Mail's free Letter from Santa but there are plenty of other ways to get a personal message from Father Christmas.

For a small donation, the NSPCC will send a personalised letter by post. There are a variety of letters to choose from and each is beautifully illustrated. The minimum donation is £5 per letter but you are free to give more to help a child in need have a happy Christmas too.

The letters from are highly customisable with details about the recipient as well as a choice of different paragraphs and styles. £4.59 for delivery within 48 hours - price includes 'genuine reindeer dust' (glitter and oats) to attract Santa's sleigh.

If a letter seems a bit old hat, how about a video message? offers a free, personalised video greeting from Santa and his elves with just a few details (name, age, desired present, school year). The videos can be tailored according to how naughty/nice your child is and you can pay for extra sequences to be added or for more pictures of your child to appear in the video.

That video message looks very slick and is artfully done, but it is still a bit pre-generated and a clever child might spot the bits where they have been cleverly inserted. For £7.99, however, a real-live Santa Impersonator (i.e. a call centre worker) will call your phone and speak to your child any time between 18 December and Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve call bookings go early, mind you. Full details at where you can also arrange a cheaper, pre-recorded call.

If you have a smartphone, there are several apps that can put your kids in touch with the big guy too, like Santa's Magic Phone. If however, you forget to arrange a letter or phone call then an app called Kringl will insert 'spy cam' footage of Santa into real video of your living room so you can 'prove' that he visited to sceptical kids on Christmas day.

Tell us how you engage with Santa. Do your kids write letters, do you use apps or special letter-writing services? Or perhaps you don't do anything at all? Please add your comments below.

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