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Would you recommend Samsung Chromebook for a 11th grader?

My niece is looking to buy a laptop, which is not very heavy, so she can carry it easily and her budget is not very high (approx. £350). We came across Chromebook and it looks nice. Although it doesn't support Windows, can that be a big minus point? Has anyone here used it and can help us with the decision? She lives in the UK and mostly needs the computer for her school assignments.

Seeking Experience Toys & Gadgets , Apps , Education 3 years ago
Tanya Bush
Tanya Bush
Mum of 2
Muscat, OM

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Cal Sociology Nerd Kenilworth, GB

Chromebook laptops rely heavily on internet connectivity and can therefore become an expensive brick at the worst of times. I also imagine her school/college and teachers/lecturers will use Microsoft Office - so purchasing a computer with Office would probably be the wisest option because it makes it easier for her to collaborate with teachers (via email) and she can easily edit any documents from school computers when needed.

If her school has student wifi and getting wifi is no problem when at home then the Chromebook can make a great device. Google Docs can save in Word format and everything is saved in the cloud which can make it super accessible. They are great devices for writing assignments provided you can frequently access the internet.

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Opinion 3 years ago
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Laurens Derks expert
Laurens Derks Education Technology Specialist AU
Education expert

While I love the Chromebook, I'm worried that the Samsung edition is not very robust. I can't imagine it surviving very long in a schoolbag! The Lenovo version is much tougher and will last longer (personal experience with this one). given the advice above, it comes down to budget, if you can get a more beefy machine, do.

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Experience 3 years ago
Joanne Mallon writer
Joanne Mallon Author, parent, blogger Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK

I have a Samsung Chromebook and my daughter uses it a lot for homework (and everything else - basically she has stolen it). The RRP is £229 but Amazon have it right now for about £190 so it is well within your budget. We don't find it a problem that's there's no Windows - we use the Google Drive where you can save documents in .docx format. My daughter can then access her documents from school as well.

It doesn't do a lot if it's not connected, so you do need wifi, but then we mostly use it at home so that's not usually an issue. Yes it's very light but I see that as a plus point. I've had mine for a year and it's slightly scraped but that's all. It's very responsive and fast to use. I am thinking of buying my daughter one of her own for Christmas.

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Experience 3 years ago

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