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Woof no more with the dog translator

3 years ago

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK
We can all agree that Dug – that loveable talking dog from Up – is adorable, right? Adorable, yet sadly CGI. As any other pet owner knows, speaking to your little ball of fluff is both totally sane and perpetually disappointing, since they never answer back. Well where Pixar teases, a hot new start up – the aptly titled No More Woof – delivers! Allegedly...
Currently in the midst of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the Nordic Society for Design and Invention are currently developing the device that kinda makes your pooch look like a switchboard operator. With the headset securely placed on their noggins, the No More Woof then scans the EEG patterns in the dog's brain to give you basic emotional responses like hunger, fatigue, and hiding under a porch because they love you. I may have made that last one up.
Alas, innovation comes at a price! The basic model – the NMW Micro – will read three thoughts in English only, and set you back $65. Stump up the $1200 for the premium model, meanwhile, and you'll (eventually) get a customised headset that will learn from your dog's brain waves until it can 'speak' short sentences.
The team's ultimate goal is to further scientific research into allowing animals to speak their own minds and maybe – some day – engage in two way conversations. In which case, I fully support their plans to make the world a little more adorable. They've already made a good start.

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