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Will your children be able to travel through time?

3 years ago

Laura Celada admin
Laura Celada’s Editorial intern London, GB
Everyone knows that there are certain things from our past that, sadly, aren't ever coming back. Walkmans, phones with coil cords, old cartoons, Jimmy Neutron, Game Boys, writing notes on paper... a never-ending list of nostalgic items. However, a couple of years ago there was something else that seemed to belong on the list of 1990s computing obsessions: Virtual reality.
Remember those neck-compressing helmets that weighed more than a small child? In the 90s you could think that it was the coolest device in the market, but after trying one out, all your illusions were crushed. Today, however, thanks to Palmer Luckey's new Oculus Rift
virtual reality is the most exciting prospect in core gaming. It could truly revolutionise flight sims, first person shooters and strategy games.  
Putting on these innovative goggles don’t just will take you into a new game experience, it’ll take you into an entirely new world. You’ll able to pilot a spaceship with an Xbox 360 controller while you look around the cockpit and target enemies with the motions of your head. The technical improvements the company made over the last version has made it one of the most impressive and unique video experiences you have ever had.
However it won’t be just a revolution in gaming. The Oculus Rift might be the alternative to field trips by allowing children travel ‘virtually’ to faraway destinations at a fraction of the cost. As Luckey says, ‘it’s going to take these things that are impossible to do today and make them part of everyday education’. Kids would even be able to travel to space, see all the planets to scale next to each other, visit Ancient Rome or explore the pyramids without paying for a flight to Egypt. 
There’s no doubt that the virtual reality and these kind of initiatives will have important implications in education, science and technology and it might change the way children learn. However if Oculus is going to change the world, don’t expect the revolution to happen soon. 
The device is currently only a prototype that only game developers can buy and experiment with. The company will inform in the next months when units will be available at retail and how much they will cost. So children will have to wait to become an astronaut without leaving your home.

Does Oculus Rift excite you? Tell us in the comments below.

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