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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

Imagining watching YouTube – but on your telly! Okay, so if you own a Roku, Apple TV, any of the current generation of games consoles or just a HDMI cable, that's not very impressive. Luckily, Google's streaming video dongle does a whole lot more, and for a rather attractive price.

In fact the $35 Chromecast with free three-month Netflix subscription – at time of writing, anyway – has already sold out and the Netflix deal cancelled. The little device – no larger than a USB stick – is really pretty revolutionary, in a way. Plug it into your TV's HDMI output, and you can instantly, painlessly watch streaming video from a variety of apps, connected to your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. There's tentative plans to let you ping any Chrome tab to your TV screen and all.

Apparently only 15% of households actually know how to get streaming video onto their TV, so Google are really going for the popular market here, rather than us gadget geeks who already have it covered; but with the Chromecast covering many of the bases other tech manages, will it stand out? I reckon the price, along with the ease of use – compared to, say, setting up your account and everything on the PS3's Netflix app – will be a big draw. All eyes on the international release announcement...

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Opinion 3 years ago
Anthony Flower
Anthony Flower Father of three & web developer Christchurch, GB

I think if you have Android devices and want to stream from them it's awesome and the price is insane. We're an Apple family so have been doing this with the far more costly Apple TV for a couple of years now.

It's not something for us though as all our devices are Apple, plus Apple TV has Netflix and NowTV from Sky has UK catchup streaming plus all the movies we could want.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
James Diamond expert
James Diamond E-Safety & Safeguarding Trainer Leicester, GB
E-safety expert

I've currently got a PS3 and a laptop with an HDMI cable streaming various media and services to my television, but I'll definitely be getting a Chromecast when they become available in the UK. The idea of being able to carry just my Nexus 7 tablet and a Chromecast to anyone's house or a hotel and have access to so much media is too good to resist.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Neil Canham
Neil Canham Godalming

It could be a great device. But it is important to understand exactly what it does. It does not stream from your smartphone or tablet. It streams directly from the internet under the control of your smartphone or tablet. It comes with only limited apps initially on it to stream from for example YouTube and Netflix, others are planned. But you can not stream your existing media from your phone or home collections, and the Chromecast must have a good solid wifi connection to the outside world to work.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Anne Louise Bannon expert
Anne Louise Bannon Television/Media Critic Altadena, US
Parenting skills expert

TV is already changing - whether you're streaming through a dedicated box or have a whole computer hooked up to your TV. The Chromecast will make it easier, but it's just a part of a larger trend that means, for the most part, that we consumers will choose what to watch and when to watch it. Great for parents.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Daniel Christian expert
Daniel Christian Senior Instructional Designer Grand Rapids, US
Education expert

I'm tracking what's happening in the living room, as I have it that personalized, customized learning apps and streams of content -- that use the "second screen" -- are on the horizon. Campus Technology is about to publish some videos that I recently did re: this topic. These videos are due in early November and outline some visions that I have for "Learning from the Living [Class] Room."

For some further insights, data, related vendors, emerging technologies, and other items related to this, see:

My 2 cents,

Daniel Christian

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Opinion 3 years ago

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