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Why your kids should be encouraged to join Facebook

3 years ago

Jonathan Weinberg writer
Jonathan Weinberg Technology Journalist GB
Research out this week from Princeton University claims Facebook could lose up to 80% of its users by 2017. Other recent reports have claimed the social network is in danger of dying out because teenagers see it as ‘uncool’.
What a load of rubbish. Facebook still has plenty of life left in it because most young people will always want to connect with their families, even if they shun sharing every aspect of their lives on it like their parents did when it began.
If you’ve got teens you should actively encourage them to sign up. And not just to keep an eye on what they’re doing… because we all know they’re far too smart for that to work.
As long as they’re over 13, Facebook’s minimum age, this will still be the way they’ll stay in touch with relatives and friends for the next decade or two.
As a first-generation Facebooker, I was quite worried when I saw people of my parent’s generation signing up, fearing it would make the site ‘uncool’. 
But now I embrace it in the same way those younger than me will surely do once they realise how useful it can be, when done on their own terms.
How else will they find ways to digitally embarrass their mums and dads, who aren’t on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.
Today’s generation of teens may have plenty of forums to share information and pictures in but Facebook is still the place where their extended family and friends will be posting for many years to come.
Of course, it may begin to have less of an impact on their instant virtual lives but Facebook will still play a vital part, as they check up on your antics and turn the tables.
And as internet safety advice and education becomes more prevalent in schools and today’s digital first toddlers grow up more savvy, Facebookcould well find it needs to relax and lower the age rules.
Facebook is not dead and buried. It’s not even a teenager yet itself.
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Opinion 3 years ago

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