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Why do parents start up a blog?

I'm interested in the motivation behind why parents start blogs, whether it's just because people love writing, or sharing their stories, or trying to get free stuff. if you've got a blog let me know why you started - and I'd obviously like to check out the blog so post a link as well :)

Seeking Opinion Child Development , Social Media 3 years ago
Scott Collen admin
Scott Collen
Social and Community Geek
London, GB

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Ellie Hirsch expert
Ellie Hirsch Parenting Coach Tampa, US
Parenting skills expert

I think parents start blogs for many reasons. For me, I was interested in connecting with parents all over the world and sharing both my successes and failures with them. I have been a writer since I was little and it's my absolute passion. While I was creating my children's CD, I started so I could gain a following and learn about what parents were interested in. When the CD was released, and later one a Parents' Choice Award, it was wonderful to be able to share it with all my Mommy Master fans. I never seemed to get free items but it's a nice perk that comes with reviewing products, if that is the route you so choose. I know some parents who want to chronicle the raising of their children while others write to share with family that may not be nearby. I think regardless of why one starts a blog, we all hope we can inspire other moms (and dads). I think sometimes your blog turns into something you didn't expect and that can be a wonderful surprise. Aside from my parenting tools, I am now also coaching mompreneurs and providing a platform for them to spread the word about their business through The Mommy Master of the Month initiative. You can visit to learn more about my great parenting tips, tricks and tools, including my music.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Lani Lyutz
Lani Lyutz WAHM, Blogger, Researcher PH

Parents start a blog because initially, they want to share and highlight their parenting successes. Then secondly, they want to connect with their friends and followers through the comments fields. And then they want to interact with the other bloggers and learn tips on how to further their blogs and lastly, they want to try out different brands which will eventually improve the quality of parenting.

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Experience 3 years ago

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