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Colin McKeown expert
Colin McKeown Safeguarding consulant GB
E-safety expert

The only tablet devices out there that can truly state that it has the best parental controls is those with either Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed. With respect, the other device platforms simply pay lip service as they just want volume consumer sales. Not that MS don't either, its just that their historical positioning in the market has allowed lots of companies to take up the slack in their own parental controls which, they too are pretty basic and also based on the problem below.

Simply reason is that all of the device parental controls built into the Operating System still have this ridiculous fundamental flaw in that they allow you to block content but not "control" content.

At least in the world of Windows 7 and 8 there are hundreds of family control apps so that you can support your child not just block them from the inevitable.

For those who might challenge me, think about the worst answer to a child in the real world -

Mum/Dad, why can't I do that? - BECAUSE I SAID SO.

Remember when you were a kid, when did that statement ever educate you as a child, help you reason or prepare you to be able to work out for yourself why you shouldn't be doing something.

Now look at it from your child's perspective, warning message blocking their favourite game because somebody put a link to a porn site on their overnight and the parental controls block it. You are at work so they contact their mate via Whatsapp and get the link to the site via a very unsafe security avoidance method that gets them to the game but is quietly harvesting the family's passwords in the background......

Moreover, these parental controls simply lead parents into a false sense of security as most children can search the web to get around these rudimentary controls or simply borrow their friend's device who's parents can't be bothered.

Education begins with the parent, parental tools can be helpful, though you need to choose carefully.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Sedgrid Lewis expert
Sedgrid Lewis Internet Safety Expert Rex, US
E-safety expert

My 4 year old and my friends kids have kindle fire. You can password protect the device restrict unwanted websites. You can also disable wifi so that your little one does not tap on in app purchases. It is also cheaper thn the iPad mini

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Experience 3 years ago
Gary Hough
Gary Hough Regulatory Manager & Post Punk GB

I use an IPad version 2 along with my iPhone 5.They are easy enough to set-up and apply parental controls too. The following url might provide a good example how.

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Experience 3 years ago
Juha Rinne
Juha Rinne Software professional FI

I consider iPads are very safe if you just adjust the settings correctly. However, the use is quite unflexible as the settings affect the device, i.e. everyone using it.

Go check some guidance here:

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Experience 3 years ago
expert answer
Scophie Cooper expert
Scophie Cooper Software engineer US

Here is a professional parental controls site:

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Experience 7 months ago

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