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Which gadgets should we snap up in the January sales?

3 years ago

Kelly Rose Bradford writer
Kelly Rose Bradford Journalist and broadcaster London, GB
The lure of massive price cuts can drive us all to frenzied rather than well thought-out buying – and where techy goods are concerned, real bargains can be hard to find, with most sale items having had their day. So what should we be snapping up? 
Cameras and Camcorders
Cameras are a good sales buy, as most people splash out before Christmas - but do your homework: read reviews and have a wish list of specifications. And if you are seduced by a bundle, check out the actual individual value of the items, especially if you don't need the 'thrown in' accessories such as a camera bag etc.
If you are looking for a tablet for general family use rather than work, don't be afraid of the smaller brands. Again, check reviews, and don't be an Apple or Samsung snob if the device otherwise suits you – or the kids – needs. Ditto laptops – as long as the actual technology meets your requirements, do not fear last year's model.
Mobile phones
An all singing all dancing smartphone for less than half prince? Stop. Do the math first. A mega phone deal usually means a new version is imminent. And could you get that on contract for free? But if you do prefer to buy and pay as you go, check new release dates if being at the forefront of phone fash is important to you.
Don't be tempted to stock up on cut price toys unless they are current. With toy technology the 'latest thing' is important – and if you are stockpiling for gifting throughout the year, they will only become more old hat. Anything that was the 2013 big movie/celeb tie in is a no-no.
Dull but necessary. Snap up three for twos wherever you see them when it comes to ink, paper and other consumables. We tend to think sales shopping needs to be exciting stuff, but its the everyday items that the savvy shopper will be binge buying.
You could be quids in with bundled technology deals if you know what you're buying and you then sell on or save for presents – for example, one high street retailer is currently offering a Samsung camera and tablet bundle with Adobe Photoshop thrown in for under £380.00.
Buyer Beware!
Do your homework: remember the reason for sales – to flog old stock to make room for new. Check and compare prices online and read reviews before you commit. This tool is useful
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