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Laura Celada admin
Laura Celada’s Editorial intern
London, GB

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Cliff Jones writer
Cliff Jones Dad of two. Life 1st, tech 2nd. Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, UK

Essnetial? None. Fun and educational? All of them. Because tech goes out of date so quickly, I wouldn't advise buying anything new for your kids. Like it or not, we live in a world of rampant consumerism, and tech hand me downs are better, cheaper and often higher spec than so tech specifically marketing kids, like the Childpad.

It's better to make your tech child-friendly. Install a few apps and buy a sturdy tablet or camera case and let them play.

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Experience 3 years ago
Carl Hagel
Carl Hagel Dad of 2 awesome kids New York, US

There are many innovative baby and toddlers products that not only look great, they can also make your life much easier. Have you heard about the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPhone? This child-proof case will let your toddler touch and play with your tech and no worries about dropping it.

It protects iPhones and iPod touches from drool, sticky fingers, and teeth. It also blocks the Home button to prevent accidental "baby dialling". Isn't it essential?

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Opinion 3 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon Editor-in-chief of Kent, UK

This isn't very tech-minded (FWIW I agree with Cliff, so see his answer!) but practical essentials, from memory:

  • a good flexible pushchair. Get the best you can afford. This doesn't mean get the most expensive, it means get the most robust, easy to push, most safe, most easy to collapse and one that can get through your front door comfortably - and one that can adapt as your baby grows). I walked miles with my youngest baby every day and the 'economical' pram I bought while still pregnant was a source of daily rage. I ended up saving up and buying a pushchair that cost more than my first car (nearly) but it was hugely worth it and when you calculated the daily cost, wasn't very much over the two years I had it. And they have a resale value too.

  • a sling to carry the baby in. Really useful, really lovely for bonding.

  • a comfy play mat. The bouncy chair went unused (he HATED it!) but he used the playmat every day and it's still in his room now (he's five) because it's lovely and he now builds Lego on it.

  • If I was having a baby now, I'd get a really good iPad case because I know that sucker would be grabbed and smashed otherwise.

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Experience 3 years ago
Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu fitness fan and mother of two London, GB

Casting my mind back, a thermometer (a reliable one!) and a microwave steriliser. Getting the temperature right in the bedroom at night was a constant source of panic. The elbow dipping test worked for the bath but I'd like to have had a reliable gadget for that too!

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Experience 3 years ago
Jessy Tyrrell
Jessy Tyrrell Blogging about women's health Limassol, CY

I second Cliff and others. No gadgetry is essential to your baby.

From where I am coming from, the only thing close to a gadget we had when I grew up, was a broomstick! everything was so old school then yet again, i was AMAZED of how things work around me. I remember knitting pulovers for the cat we had around in our back garden. How can you beat that with a gadget?

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Experience 3 years ago

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