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Which creative apps would you suggest for a 5 year-old kid ?

Seeking Experience Apps , Education 4 years ago
Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto
Teacher, Club Instructor

2 parents have answered

Andy Battle
Andy Battle infoSec geek, proud father of 4 Perth, Western Australia

Creativity comes in many app forms: Scribblenauts, Eden, Foldify, Faces iMake, Draw with Carl, Puppet Workshop, Toca Tailor, Bug Builder, Paint my Wings, Magikid Stage, My Story,

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Experience 4 years ago
Shantanu Basrur
Shantanu Basrur Plus-sized child. IN

I never knew how tech-savvy today's kids could be until I saw a 3-year-old using an iPad. And by using, I mean she knew how to find the app she was looking for (Angry Birds!) and then proceed to topple those pigs off their perches. When she tired of it, she proceeded to fire up Draw Something and pull off some pretty impressive drawings, albeit with a little help from her mum.

That pretty much dispelled all belief that iPads are meant for 'older' users, and I'm inclined to believe that today's kids are more receptive to technology than we could ever have hoped to be.

At the risk of raising eyebrows, apps I'd get my kid (if I had one) to try:

  1. Line Brush

  2. Draw Something

  3. Instagram (seen a 6-year-old use it and get some pretty interesting results)

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Opinion 4 years ago

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