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expert answer
James Brodie expert
James Brodie Test Director Birmingham, GB
Technologist expert

Well this will greatly depend on your criteria for success. If it is purely on sales then the PS4 wins hands down. There is actually not much difference between the two. The price difference is because the Xbox One comes the Kinect so the PS4 with camera costs exactly the same. It would appear that at the min the PS4 has the edge on pure processing power although there is actually minimal difference in the stats. For the record I have bought the Xbox One and I love how it is the complete multiple solution. It allows you to run Sky TV through the box by simply plugging in the HDMI cable from sky into the back of the Xbox One. There are fan boys for both console and I am lucky that I will be able to get both eventually, but in reality it will come down to the games and at the minute Xbox has definitely got the stronger list of big hitting games.

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Experience 3 years ago
expert answer
Linda Breneman expert
Linda Breneman Managing Ed., Seattle, US
Gaming expert

PlayStation 4 with a camera is almost as expensive as Xbox One, since the Xbox One ships with the Kinect, so maybe the price isn't as much of a factor as it first appears. I'll take a wild guess and say Xbox One will win the battle for number of units sold because of its versatility as an entertainment platform. But one thing's for sure: it'll be an epic battle.

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Opinion 3 years ago

Neither, PC will definitely pull out all the stops this year with the new, and very popular indie games that are to come.

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Experience 5 months ago

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