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What’s the deal with the Firefox phone?

4 years ago

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

Boy, everyone’s getting in on this phone business, eh? And now Firefox is heading into the fray – and it’s showing up iPhones and Blackberries by being open source, and a way cheaper.

What does that mean? Well – in theory – there’ll be a heck of a lot more apps for the Firefox OS than any other smartphone can handle, because they won’t need to be vetted by an iTunes or Google Play. Of course that might mean that small developers will get their stuff pirated easily; the open source might also mean less scrupulous companies could release their own Firefox phone without permission.

That’s all hypothetical, though; what’s the reality? Here’s what the first (developer) ‘Geeksphones’ look like. Keon (91,00€) – with its basic specs – and the slightly more powerful Peak (149,00 €) are already out of stock. In fact, they sold out almost immediately. Commercial versions are expected soon…

Both models of the Geeksphone are pretty basic as far as smartphones go – it’s designed as an entry-level phone. It’s cheap, highly functional; the ‘Firefox phone’ could be the perfect first phone for your tech-savvy teen. They can do all the things you expect of a modern phone, and allow a fair amount of tinkering – how better to encourage the app developers of tomorrow? And how better to stop them downloading loads of games when the memory isn’t that big?

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Opinion 4 years ago

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