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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

We’ve already learnt how brilliant videogame/real-life toy hybrid Skylanders is, but what’s the new game, Skylanders Swap Force, going to add? New story, new characters, new ways to play – and best of all, more creativity.

Skylanders Swap Force does all the requisite upgrades for a new game in a series: the game tacks place in a new environment, a whole new story, and improved graphics. The main innovation, however, is the ‘Swap Force’ of the title: in the story, the new characters have been split in half by a volcano, so kids (or ‘Portal Masters’, as they’re respectfully known) can mix-and-match top and bottom halves, letting them make their own original combinations.

The bad news is that these interchangeable figures will mean you’ll have to shell out for a new portal to place the them on; the good news is the estimated 265 character combinations mean your kid will already be playing with their new toy before they’ve turned their console on, being imaginative and creative before the software takes over.

It’s not quite as giant a leap as, er, Skylanders Giants was, as the game style is still pretty much the same, even if it looks a bit prettier. That said, this is one noticeable improvement – every character can now jump!

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