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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK
Oh, so you're all hung up on 3D printing? That is so five minutes ago. I'm all about nanoprinting, letting me produce working circuits from my old humble inkjet. That is when it's not running low on CMYK.
Within the decade we could be nanoprinting foldable mobile phones on a sheet of paper, tests for safe drinking water, and more besides! It's a neat application of new ideas on to old technology, using fancy nanoparticle ink with normal paper, photo paper and a silver suspension for those pesky particles (which sounds pretty sci-fi, but can be bought online pretty easily). With a printer ready for nano, you could have your very own circuit board production line on your hands; the ink for one A4 sheet costs around a dollar, but 20 cents is enough for one circuit.
Not only is it big news for flexible tech but actually, for all that bragging at the start, nanoprinting is best when it's working in conjunction with a 3D printer. Last year a bunch of brainboxes at Harvard combined the two technologies to make microscopic batteries that could lead to all manner of things, shrinking existing technology – from phones to computers to medical implants – even smaller than they already are. Moore's Law on overdrive! A new leap for nanotech, and you can work on it in your own home already! Just don't go all Borg on us, thanks.

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