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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

Boy, books sure are boring, am I right? Well, you and I may think otherwise, but children growing up in the world of smartphone games, 3D TV and the like have a lot of other cool stuff vying for their attention. Which is why FarFaria – an iOS app that offers cool, animated children’s books for free – is so awesome.

It’s pretty simple: you just download the app to your iPad or iPhone – Android versions are on their way – and from there you can navigate through a colourful world to different kinds of stories. They add three-to-five new stories a week, and the library currently holds over 350 books – in a much more space-effective way than a library full of actual books would.

Last week the makers of FarFaria announced that kids who used the app were reading more than five times the US national average per week.

Whilst the free version only lets you read one book a day, subscribing allows unlimited access to their library of traditional story books, sing-a-longs and some with a read-along feature to let you leave the kids to read by themselves. I do kind of wish my old copies of Tintin could do all that.

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