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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK
You know how it is with pie. Once you've had one slice, you just can't wait for another. The Raspberry Pi took the world by storm in 2013, teaching kids about electronics and coding, and giving us Quibsters plenty to talk about. But what's the next innovation that's gonna get these young whipper snappers a-tinkerin', a-solderin', and a-learnin'?
Well, for starters there's every chance they could be clamouring after the 'next level' micro-computers like the Arduino (which is a little less user-friendly, but even more customisable). Or they could go in the opposite direction: the Kano actually brings the Raspberry Pi down to earth a little to make it even more accessible to those who can't quite get their heads around Linux.
Part of the Pi's elegance is its simplicity, sure, but there's plenty it can't do that kids may expect from their technology. The Utilite is one possible successor, a cheap and customisable desktop that runs on either Android Linux with built-in wifi, bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports. For something a little closer to the Pi, there's the BeagleBone Black, which has much the same capabilities of the Utilite, but with more of the Pi's hacker-friendly ethos and look.
Of course, this could all be totally moot. The next Raspberry Pi could just be, well, the next Raspberry Pi. They've been teasing a new model either next year or in 2015 although not, crucially, to replace the current computers, but to give young makers more choice in the cool stuff they can build.
If you don’t have a Pi yet, you can pick up a starter kit in the Quibly store for just £44.99 and we honestly recommend it wholeheartedly. 

Tell us what you think. Would you buy an Arduino board for your child, or perhaps you have other ideas that haven't been mentioned here. Please tell us your comments below. 
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