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What the heck is nomophobia?

3 years ago

2 parents have answered

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

Well, mainly I suspect it's a load of gubbins, but that's jumping the gun a little. According to a recent survey, 'nomophobia' is the fear of losing signal, battery or sight of your mobile phone.

It's actually not far away from the 'tech separation anxiety' survey that popped up recently, and like that story there's a kernel of truth hidden in a big ole' pile of psuedoscience. A little over half of the people questioned admitted to that fear, to the point they take their phone to the beach with them on holiday, and a whole lot of them indulge in Phubbing.

Now, as an actual anxiety disorder or phobia, this is obviously... well, not that. But there's definitely a reason people get a little antsy about their gadget's safety. For one thing, they're not cheap; I'd be saving up for a while if I misplaced my iPhone. But more than that, as researcher/security boffin Fred Touchette points out:

'What worries me is that, with so much information stored on them - confidential office documents, contact details, emails, photos and bank log-ins - when these devices get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands, the information is so easily exploited.'

So maybe that fear isn't so silly...

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Opinion 3 years ago
Matthew Day
Matthew Day A geek London, GB

Wasn't sure but it seems it's more about being out of contact, due to having no phone, no battery, no power, than actually losing the device itself (though that would be extreme nomophobia)

I would miss my current phone if it was lost/damaged, not so much for its use as a phone or data device, but because its currently my best camera, and a shining star of the now obsolete generation of Java based phones.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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