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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

It's been a good week for websites that let you share short video updates recorded on your phone – guess it's not as niche as you'd think – as Keek, potentially the 'next king of social networks' launched on Windows Phones (it's already all over iOS, Android and Blackberry).

Like Instagram's new videos function and Vine, Keek is about uploading extremely concise little videos (in this case, 35 seconds, compared to Instagram's 15 and Vine's six), almost like visual Facebook statuses or tweets. Where it has the edge over Instagram is that it's purely about videos; and as for Vine, Keek has around twice as many users (45 million at last count) Where it has the edge over both is that it's truly social: along with sharing and commenting on videos, users can conduct private conversations through text or video.

Although restricted to 13 and over, it's most definitely aimed at a younger audience. One of the most popular users of the site is the male star of tween/teen drama Pretty Little Liars – which accounts for its fast growth. Plus it's free.

I guess the only worrying thing is if it's used in a similar way to Vine when it launched, ie for sharing NSFW content. There's not really any info out there about what the site does to control adult content; then again, there's no reports on any existing.

_What do you think? Do your kids use Keek? Would you want them to? _

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Sedgrid Lewis expert
Sedgrid Lewis Internet Safety Expert Rex, US
E-safety expert

As parents it is key to monitor your child's temp files on their cell phones to review the videos. All video apps (vine, Instagram, keep, etc) videos are stored on the phone

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Experience 3 years ago
expert answer
Leonie Smith expert
Leonie Smith Cyber safety consultant AU
E-safety expert

Lots of kids under 11yrs old on Keek it horrifies me...where are the parents?

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Opinion 3 years ago

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