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What makes a good teacher?

We keep hearing about the need to introduce technology in the classroom, but technology is just a tool. Great students are made by great teachers, regardless of the tools they use. What are some of the characteristics and personality traits of a great teacher?

Seeking Opinion Education 3 years ago
Francesco admin
Founder @
London, GB

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Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Mentor CH
Education expert

1 million $ question ...

As a teacher myself I'd summarize only some of the top qualities teachers should have. They're not self sufficient to become a good teacher, but lack of them would be a major issue.

  • great empathy for students: learning is a social process and the relationship between teachers and students is key to success. We, as adults, see things differently from the students' point of view. Communicating effectively is a must to establish a learning bridge
  • great passion for personal and institutional professional development: the world's changing so fast we must keep up with the changes it is bringing to students and their families. The students I have in September will be different in June !
  • great organizational skills and adaptive mindset: children rapidly shift their focus from time to tome so keeping an eye on the learning goals and on the students is essential: where are we and where are we aiming at ?
  • a sound neuro-scientific knowledge: because we think with grey matter and it is really important to know how it works (or how it might work better)
  • finally: if to raise a child you need a village, to raise a teacher you need a school. Often teachers feel alone in their endeavors in classrooms, disconnected from peers and making their way on their own. Connection is key to personal and professional empowerment.
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Opinion 3 years ago

A good leader and teacher to students. Creates good human beings for a society.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
David Rhodes expert
David Rhodes Director of Technology Education US
Education expert

Understanding what tools, technologies and teaching methods can ignite a child's passion for learning and using them to the fullest.

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Experience 3 years ago
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Priya Desai expert
Priya Desai Speech and Language Therapist London, GB
Language expert

One thing that is very important to me is creativity; and to be able to adapt material to a child's learning needs and their interests. This will spark the interest of a child/children, which will ultimately help them in learning

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Opinion 3 years ago
Scott Collen admin
Scott Collen Social and Community Geek London, GB

The ability to motivate pupils would be something I'd pick up on.

Whether it's through creative teaching practices, being a leader, empathising or whatever. Getting pupils to actually do 'learning' is basically what teaching is all about.

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Opinion 2 years ago

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