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What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?

Have you passed the advice on to your children?

Seeking Experience Child Development 3 years ago writer
Parenting + Technology
London, UK

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Rob Zidar expert
Rob Zidar Co-Founder, ThirdParent US
E-safety expert

My dad taught me and told me to take responsibility for what happens, either directly or indirectly as a result of my actions (or inaction). It drives me crazy when my kids say "I didn't mean to do it" or "It's not my fault", so I've got some work to do in that respect. At the end of the day, you've got to take ownership.

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Experience 3 years ago
Swati Mittal admin
Swati Mittal London, GB

I remember my dad telling me as a little kid while i was reluctant to jump in the swimming pool almost on the verge of crying " I can't do this". My dad looked at me and said NEVER EVER give up on yourself or rather say to yourself "this task is beyond my capability" before trying. If you failed the first time keep going on till you don't get it right. If you don't try ever how would know your strengths and weakness otherwise?

That advice has stayed with me always and till date if the same thought ever crosses my mind " I just say to myself i need to try first before i call it quits". For some reason that does give me an inner strength to go ahead and do it.

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Experience 3 years ago
Chanda Gohrani admin
Chanda Gohrani Social media manager of London, GB

'There are few things that you cannot control and you should stop worrying about them.'

I tend to be a control freak and used to get very upset when things didn't go my way. It took a long time for my mother to make me understand the above statement but glad she succeeded (not 100% though). This advice of hers has made life little easier, less worrisome.

And also, store the chutneys in glass jars than plastic! :-)

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Experience 3 years ago

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