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What do you think of the message given on the landing page of

This is a parental control app I'm developing which simply focuses on ending the session after a timeout. Does the app sound positive or negative to you?

Seeking Opinion Child Behaviour , Apps , Health & Wellbeing 3 years ago
Seb James
Seb James
Developer of

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Richard Taylor expert
Richard Taylor Father of 4 boys & IT Consultant Bushmills, GB
Technology expert

"Give your kids the right amount of computer time"

What is the right amount? It might be better to say something along the lines of "You decide the right amount of computer time for your child, we enforce it"

"Reduce conflict at transition time", "Great for explosive kids" ? This makes me think of the exploding nuclear villain in Heroes. Not sure exactly what an explosive kid is, or why there would be conflict at transition time, but I am guessing you mean badly behaved ones who have tantrums when they don't get their own way because they have weak-willed parents who wont tell them off properly and actually be the parent.

Honestly, what is great for "explosive kids" is a smacked bottom and no computer time at all until they do as they are told in a non-huffy, compliant, graceful way, but in the current over-bearing political correctness gone wrong era, I doubt you could have a website that promotes some common sense thinking like that.

It might be better to have something along the lines of "Monitor and manage your childs computer time to help them transition away from the screen"?

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Opinion 3 years ago
Francesco admin
Francesco Founder @ London, GB

Seb - just took a look at your landing page. The message should reflect the problem you are trying to solve. Currently, your headline reads "give your kid the right amount of computer time". I am sure that parents know what is the 'right amount' of computer time for their children; What they struggle with is to get them off the computer while avoiding stressful fights.

So, what you are really giving parents is the peace of mind that their child will be able to get on and off the computer without causing any anxiety or emotional stress on himself or the rest of the family. Hope it helps.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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