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Holly Seddon
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Rosemary Gura-Cardoletti
Rosemary Gura-Cardoletti Digital Marketer London, UK

Pheed is quite interesting but I, personally, don’t really see the need for it. It seems like a mixture of the social networks you already use (where all your existing relationships are) but slightly-changed. So you can share your witticisms like on Twitter but you have more characters, you can share photos like on Instagram, or connect with friends like on Facebook. But you can already do those things!

It’s obviously aimed at a young audience with time on their hands to try new things. There is one area that’s interesting though, members can choose to share their feed for free or charge a premium. Most people’s feeds won’t be worth anything to others, so they’ll make nothing but the few ‘Famous on Facebook’ types who build a following could make a bit of cash.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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