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What do I need to know about m-commerce?

4 years ago

Anita Naik writer
Anita Naik Writer and mum of two London, UK

Kid like their mobiles; kids like buying stuff. Bring those two together, and you’ve got a market that’s expected to grow $25 billion by 2017. So you’re gonna have to get acquainted with mobile commerce, sooner rather than later – chances are, your teen has beaten you to it.

While the pros of m-commerce are plenty – doing your weekly shop while commuting, banking when you’re in the park, ordering a pizza as you walk home. But there are drawbacks to bear in mind before letting your kids go on a small screen shopping spree.

Firstly, contactless payment and data transfer over short distances mean your teen has a phone that is pretty much a credit or debit card at point-of-sale – making impulse purchases of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (or other things…) all the easier.

Secondly, the payment model for contactless transfers will go through a service like iTunes, a phone bill or a secondary account like PayPal, which means your kids won’t need your credit card to buy something through their phone – and they won’t actually feel as if they’re spending money when they’re shopping.

Thirdly, while it’s near impossible for a 10-year-old to walk into a shop and buy a 42” TV, it is very easy to do this via your smartphone, especially if you let them play with it while logged into sites such as Amazon (I’m writing from experience here).

With all those caveats in place, I’m a big fan of m-commerce. Not only will it revolutionise how we shop by bringing in a new level of ease to buying, but it will also increase competitive pricing, and of course, personalisation (and let us get a lot more lazy).

It works for me but how do you feel about your tweens and teens having access to it?

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