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Holly Seddon
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Richard Taylor expert
Richard Taylor Father of 4 boys & IT Consultant Bushmills, GB
Technology expert

I took my 4 boys down to a local forest and we spent about 6 hours building a Bear Grylls inspired shelter/hut that is big enough for us all to comfortably sit (and hopefully one day sleep in).

Hours and hours of fun, and I have taught them essential boy skills of how to use saws, hatchets and knives safely (except for the 3 year old, who has his own "special saw" that is a small almost blunt hacksaw to saw off small twigs).

One of these days I will persuade my wife that it is ok to wear play clothes too, and to come and join us in the building, muck and mud!

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Fact 3 years ago
Seb James
Seb James Developer of Sheffield

On Saturday the boys had their computer time early (they were building a house in Minecraft) and then my wife and I and my father took them to the Burbage valley and went for a walk interspersed with some bouldering. Everyone was worn out by the evening, which was the intended outcome!

Sunday was busy - we visited Kelham Island museum here in Sheffield which has the most impressive steam engine you can see anywhere - it's the size of a house and it works.

__Computer time in the afternoon gave us parents a breather and then we went to a swimming session organised by a wonderful local charity for children with Asperger's syndrome and their carers (ACCT).

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Experience 3 years ago

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