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What advice can I give my 10 year old son to keep him safe online?

We want our kids to be aware of possible dangers on the Internet, yet we want them to be able to trust too. My son is 11 now and he is beginning social networking, creating and uploading comments, watching videos, pictures etc. How can I help him to develop safe online behaviour? What are the first steps I should take to warn him against internet dangers?

Seeking Experience Safety & Privacy 3 years ago

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Gary Hough
Gary Hough Regulatory Manager & Post Punk GB

Here's a great resource that I recommend (I have no affiliation at all to them) and the best bit of advice I can give is to talk to them. Give them the confidence that they know they can come to you with any problem that they might encounter when going online. Trust is the best weapon in keeping them safe in my experience. The internet is not as dangerous as many might have you believe and I work in the ISP industry.

Just make sure they know the basics that they should not identify themselves to anyone they don't know and never giving out their address and location. Also get them to understand the importance of not being tempted to sneak off to meet people they think they know on the internet and who they have never met before.

The hardest part was asking what to do.

Best wishes


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Janice Friesen expert
Janice Friesen I'm Not a Austin, US
Technologist expert

My favorite site for parent help with technology is It is a non profit site that gives advice and rates media with descriptions that help you decide by your family values what matters. It also gives advice for parents.

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Experience 3 years ago

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