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This full-size Lego car is the coolest thing you'll see all day

3 years ago

Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon Editor-in-chief of Kent, UK
Genius is a word bandied around too easily. But Raul Oaida, a 20-year-old from Romania is 100% a LEGO genius. Along with Steve Sammartino, an entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia, he's built a working car out of LEGO, capable of driving up to 30kph, and running solely on air. 
Dubbed the Super Awesome Micro Project it took over half a million LEGO pieces, includes a fully functional LEGO engine with 256 pistons and was financed by 40 Australian patrons. 

Tell us, is this the coolest use of LEGO bricks yet? Are your kids LEGO innovators, and what would you love to try to create out of these little bricks?
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Opinion 3 years ago

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