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Star Wars is so dark, is it really suitable for four-year-olds?

I was visiting a friend whose son was watching it with his dad. My friend has never watched Star Wars, so she was surprised to see my reaction. I really think it's not suitable for any kid younger than 10. What are your views?

Seeking Opinion Video & Films 3 years ago
Chanda Gohrani admin
Chanda Gohrani
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London, GB

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Sam Milsom
Sam Milsom Code Club Volunteer Support London, GB

The original trilogy is fine for kids of all ages! And maybe Episode I too. Episode II starts to not only get darker, but the plot becomes more complex. Episode III is rated 12 and rightly so.

Ultimately, they're classic stories. The original film follows the basic Hero's Journey format that's found in all folk stories and fairy tales throughout history!

And, of course, it teaches morals about dealing with one's own "dark side", using power for good etc etc!

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Opinion 3 years ago

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