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Laura Celada admin
Laura Celada’s Editorial intern London, GB
Kids love iPads and iPhones, probably even more than adults. They can be a great way to keep children entertained and the perfect tool to make life easier for you. With millions of apps available, they could be solving puzzles, actively playing games, typing, drawing and other educational activities, almost unaware of it.
However, anyone who has given a child an iPad, may have been hit by a surprise bill, found apps missing, files displaced, or - even worse - new purchases made without permission. It’s easy to avoid these pitfalls. Here are six easy steps to turn your tablet kid-friendly. Hopefully if you put them in place, you’ll ensure your child's safety and your own peace of mind
1. Remove your stuff
To make your iPad completely kid-friendly, start removing any of your data from it. It’s probably that your child isn’t interested in logging into your email account, but if you don’t trust him with a bar of chocolate, much less your iPad. 
The first thing you’ll have to do is to completely wipe the tablet. Hook up it to the computer you normally sync it with and then back it up so that your personal data could be restored to your new iPad later. Secondly, select it in iTunes Source list and click on ‘Restore’ in the Summary tab. The latest version of iOS will be downloaded and you’ll restore your iPad as new. You’ll get a tablet that is essentially as it was when you took from the box, but a bit more kid-safety.
2. Configure restrictions
Fortunately for parents faced with tiny hands, iOS offers a bunch of different parental controls which allow you to restrict what applications are allowed on the Ipad and what aren’t. You can go into your iPad’s settings, scroll down to Restrictions, and click on Enable Restrictions at the top. Each time you need to change the restrictions settings you’ll be asked for a password, so make sure it isn’t something that your clever kid might easily guess.
I would recommend you turning off App purchases, App downloaded and Installing/Deleting apps.
Other things you can disable are Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and FaceTime. You can also set up a rating restriction, so apps can’t be downloaded if the content isn’t appropriate for the age-level you set.
3. Setting up an app allowance in a childproofed iPad
Now that your iPad is kid-friendly, you might want to make it kid-fun by downloading some suitable apps or games. But how do you do this without the App Store?
Firstly, you can simply turn on App Downloads in the Restrictions page and do it via your iTunes account rather than setting up a separate account for your child. That way, not only do you know exactly what’s on the iPad but you can also deal with any confusion that may crop up in regard to obtaining, organising, and configuring apps. Sit down with your kid, choose some appropriate apps together and without doubt you both will become happy
Another great way to obtain apps to the iPad once it has the restrictions in place is to download the app or game on your PC or Mac using iTunes and then sync your iPad to your computer. You will ensure your child doesn't run up a huge iTunes bill and you’ll be able to monitor what is installed. 
4. Choose the best kid-safe browser 
Keeping kids safe online is obviously a huge priority for parents. Luckily, there are several great kid-friendly web browsers that you can download to ensure internet safety without hampering the fun. 
For younger kids is a good dedicated searching app to download. It provides easy-to-identify icons for little ones who may not be able to read yet, but still gives them the autonomy to search for specific things they are looking for. And for the oldest ones who are browsing on tablets, apps like Mobicip and NetNanny can create a more controlled and safe search experience through filters and restrictions, but mimic a more general internet search.
5. Get the right accessory, a kid-case
A case is essential for any tablet, even if you don’t have kids. When you spend a lot of money on something, you will definitely want to keep it from being kid-broken. There are many cases especially designed to withstand the inevitable drops when held by slippery hands. The Fisher Price Apptivity Case is one option that will let the little ones play and learn without damaging your device. Just be sure that you will get one that is robust enough to be accidentally dropped from kid-height. For older kids, the OtterBox Preserver is lovely and very strong! 
6. Kid Zone - Choose their favorite apps
To make your screen less cluttered, you can easily group together age appropriate apps for your kid. You can be sure that they’ll remember where those are and it make it easier to navigate. 
If you’re looking for the best creative apps for kids, check out our list which includes the newest, coolest and innovative apps for children of all ages.
So there you go. Hopefully we’ve given you everything you need to know to avoid your kids running up excessive bills for you. 
If you have other tips for childproofing a tablet, let us know in the comments below.
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