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James Cooke
James Cooke
Tech head, Python developer
London, UK

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Terry Doherty expert
Terry Doherty Parent literacy expert US

My answer would be no. I tried Adblock Plus on my computer (I work from home) and it was a disaster. Can't tell you how many problems I had and programs that wouldn't work. Frankly, it's not worth the 11YO yelling "Mom, come fix this" all the time.

We use a program that allows us to control content and also schedule an "off" time at night. That has been the most effective thing for us ... plus seeing the computer screen from the desk the 11YO uses.

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Experience 4 years ago
Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton I work in a school Torquay, GB

install adblock and flash block, partly as the latter plays videos and sound weather you want it to or not, you can override anyway but if you're listening to music then having these ads start up is a pain,

you can't stop advertising but you can mitigate its intrusiveness, and annoyance factor.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

As a counter-point to Terry's answer, I'd say - yes, why not? I have AdBlock installed in Chrome on my laptop and it works wonders, blocking website banner ads and the interstitial commercials you get on stuff like YouTube and 4OD.

I've never had any problems, either, but it might depend on the operating system, browser, and settings - I'm sure you could calibrate it to work however you wanted, and, y'know, kids are bombarded by adverts whenever they leave the house - or turn on the TV - as it is. Why not shield them from the online equivalent, too?

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Opinion 4 years ago

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