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Should more companies seek insights from teens?

Read an interesting article today about companies and governments seeking insight and ideas from teenagers, including Jordan Hatch, 17, helping with the UK Government Digital Service and Thalia Norman, 14, joining the Mind Candy board.

Seeking Opinion Digital Future 2 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Cal Sociology Nerd Kenilworth, GB

I certainly believe there are advantages for companies willing to work with young people. I think we have become so obsessed by formalities and qualifications that perfectly intelligent and capable teens are put at a disadvantage.

Companies don't need to hire teens, they don't even need to get inters, they just need to ask them. I know many people my age who would openly accept an invitation to help better a business and better the world. Being given the ability to make a difference is almost enough for any optimistic teen to get up and shout yes.

There is however some level of caution that must be taken. Along with the idealism often comes outspokenness and along with the youth often comes recklessness. We saw just a few months ago that a youth PCC ended up giving up her job because of comments made on Twitter. Companies need to ensure that the people they work with are mature and not going to cause brand damage whatever their age.

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Opinion 2 years ago

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