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Should I follow my teen on Tumblr?

I vaguely knew that my teen was getting into Tumblr, but I didn't know she had a site of her own, with hundreds of posts dating back months. So now I've found it, do I read it, or steer well clear? Is this the modern day equivalent of the teenage diary, or is it OK to read since it's published in a public format? I just had a quick glance and she's posting on there now when she's supposed to be doing homework.

Seeking Experience Safety & Privacy , Child Behaviour 3 years ago

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Amy Fleming
Amy Fleming

Hi :) I'm 19 years old and went through a phase of tumblr a couple of years ago. It's a brilliant site for finding things you are interested in and expressing your creativity/interests with others. However, in my case, I was quite addicted. In the end my parents (and myself) realised that I spent too much time on it and I decided to delete it all together. Maybe if you feel she is on it too much that it is getting in the way of her homework/school, you could speak to her about it in a casual way and let her know it will still be there after she does her homework.

I didn't use it as a diary, but some people I 'followed' did and I would definitely talk to her about if she sees anything that seems inappropriate or upsetting that she speaks to someone like you or let her know that you can report things to tumblr if it is a very serious matter.

On the whole, I don't think you need to worry about reading it. As long as she knows she can come to you if she has any worries or issues and she understands that if she writes things on tumblr that it will be out there for everyone to see.

Disclaimer: I know I am not a parent of a teenager, but I just wanted to give my view on my experience of tumblr.

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Experience 3 years ago
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Magda de Lange expert
Magda de Lange Global Learning Professional ZA
Education expert

I would read it since it is in the public domain. There are users with quite terrifying usernames and even more terrifying content and not all teens think twice about who they follow and what they share. Like most any social media it can be used in a way appropriate to the age group or it can be misused either on purpose or out of innocence. I am often quite shocked at what teens share, especially via open FB profiles linked to tumblr, askfm etc and wonder whether the parents have a clue at the destruction. This doesn't mean that all users fall into this category, but it is well worth monitoring.

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Experience 3 years ago

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