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Should children's music have style/instrument usage restriction?

Seeking Fact Video & Films , Life Hacking , How To 3 years ago
Олег Кияшко
Олег Кияшко
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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Suzanne Freyjadis expert
Suzanne Freyjadis Consultant, Education Technology Austin, US
Technology expert

No, children's music should come from a wide range of styles and use a variety of instruments.

Here are 5 Reasons Children Should Be Exposed to Lots of Different Music:

1.) Symphonic and instrumental music is wonderful to dance to and stimulates the brain.

2.) Parents are in better moods when they listen to songs they also enjoy. With many rock and pop musicians becoming parents there's been a welcome addition of songs that the whole family can enjoy singing along with that appeal to children.

3.) Listening to lots of different instruments in a song can help kids know what instruments they most enjoy when it comes time for them to play one.

4.) Exposure to a wide variety of music from different musical traditions makes kids better citizens of the world.

5.) Children get the chance to learn what types of music they enjoy.

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Experience 3 years ago

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