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Parents, do you regret your education or career choices?

We talk so much about helping our children to find their path and their strengths and access a great well-rounded education and all that stuff. But I'm really curious, what about us? While we're guiding them, do we have regrets? Do you wish you'd gone to uni, wish you hadn't, regret your career of choice, perhaps you've had a change of career? Would love to know if this impacts on how you encourage your own kids' choices.

Seeking Experience Education 3 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Rachel Gully
Rachel Gully Mum to 4, Freelancer, Blogger GB

I totally have regrets about my education - but I also feel that my parents played a huge part in it. I was never encouraged to go to University, even though I wanted to. During High School my parents went through a huge, messy divorce and upon completing my GCSE's I was told I had to get a job and pay my own way. They could not financially support me through College and University. So that's what I did. At 19, I started night school to gain qualifications needed to get in to University, and just before my entrance interview I fell pregnant with my first child. 10 years on and I am hoping to start a long distance learning degree.

I am always telling my children how important Education is. They will be couraged to go to University, although not forced - and will be supported in whichever they choose to do.

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