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James Cooke
James Cooke
Tech head, Python developer
London, UK

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Francesco admin
Francesco Founder @ London, GB

oovo it seems to be as safe a Skype, FaceTime or any other video communication platform. It works by 'invite" that is, a friend needs to be invited in order to join the video chat, so unless the wrong person is invited, everything should be ok :)

However, for peace of mind, oovo has some 'safety' features that allows users:

  • to report abuse during the video call
  • to block a contact from contacting them (unless they are facebook friends - and your oovo account is synched to Facebook - in which case it is NOT possible to block them.)

For those who are wondering, Oovo is quite popular with teenagers because they can chat (for free) face to face with up to 12 people in the same session; it also includes some nice features like video chat recording and video messages. It also integrates with Facebook.

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